Open Screen

The core values ​​of the Monterrey International Film Festival include service, both to the film industry and the community, to cultural diversity and to justice; Our philosophy speaks of reflecting the values, traditions and characteristics of cultures around the world. Our principles state that films made locally are social and cultural ambassadors to the rest of the world; among our objectives we seek to create an inclusive view of local, national and international cinema, without forgetting that part of the foundations of a cultural event such as the FIC Monterrey are based on the responsibility we have towards the community that welcomes and sustains it.

As the Festival matures we have been able to create links with other organizations in Monterrey and use the power of cinema to promote social change. These efforts have been very successful, with benefits that extend beyond the cinema to the academic, social and family spheres of many. We do not take credit for these changes, it is the community itself that discovers new possibilities and embraces the transformation, we provide a fulcrum from which they can jump to become better communities, families and persons.

In recent years we have focused on conducting animation workshops for children in homes, we have also taken the cinema to a meeting with other audiences through projections in communities at risk, and through film production contests we have helped other NGOs to promote their efforts. But we can do more. We are constantly looking for opportunities to create links with others who believe that the world can be improved. If you believe this and think that cinema can help you reach your goals, contact us. Together we can go further.