In the last panel of the Forum for the Future of Mexican Film, experts agreed on the opportunity to enhance the film of Nuevo León.

Under the title: Trends and Opportunities for Mexican Film after the COVID Crisis, Alexa Muñoz, General Coordinator of COMEFILM IMCINE; Mónica Luna Sayós, Director of Regional and Community Linkage IMCINE; Denisse Chapa, delegate of Canacine in Nuevo León and Gabriel Guzmán, director of “Recuperando a mi Ex”, talked about the window of opportunity that the crisis opened.

In the discussion, moderated by Carlos García Campillo, coordinator of Cineteca Nuevo León, they highlighted the unity of the industry to get ahead of the crisis because the brake on activities left members of the industry without work.

And the synergy according to Guzman should yield results within a year, provided that these alliances continue and are fulfilled. For his part, Dennisse Chapa said that the arrival of a delegation of Canacine to royal lands would allow consolidating the local industry and finishing the centralization.

The forum was attended by Juan Manuel González, director of the ficmonterrey, and Janeth Aguirre, executive director of the ficmonterrey, who shared their experience in creating the online version of the festival that had great participation electronically.