Edition 2016

You are cinema, you, dear audience who has been with us for 12 years. You are cinema, filmmaker from Nuevo Leon, from Mexico, from all around the world, you give us your stories to bring them into the screens of Monterrey to create dialogues and inspirations.

You are cinema, you sponsor that every year make this Festival possible. You are cinema, member of the audiovisual industry in Monterrey. You are cinema was our motto for 2016.

With this in mind we had our First 100 Days, we also had our tributes to Luis Mandoki, Jorge Perugorría and Diana Bracho, we also had the Northeastern Encounter of Women in Film and we organized the 9th Film Industry Day by NEXO Banregio. Chile was our Guest Country and a significant amount of makers shared their films with us.

For seven days, 17,149 persons got together to see a screening or to participate in a special event during the 12 FIC Monterrey. We offered 196 screenings where the audience had the opportunity to see 239 films from 410 directors from 30 different countries. For the first time, FIC Monterrey left the metro area and took 7 films to Santiago, Zuazua and Ciénega de Flores. But the Festival also took high school students by surprise, in collaboration with the UANL, FIC Monterrey took the movies to the classroom.

In the now traditional Open Screen event, we showed 26 short films by 130 filmmakers, who experienced, for the first time, not only making a film, but seeing their work on the big screen and sharing it with friends and family.

As jury for International Feature Films we had Pablo Baksht, renowned Mexican producer; Gabriela Domínguez, filmmaker, and Alejandro Gómez, film promoter. Pablo Perelman, director, producer and screenwriter from Chile; Paz Fábrega, Costa Rican filmmaker, and Tom Davia from CINEMAVEN, were the jury for Mexican Feature Films.

The Short Film Jury was conformed by Abraham Castillo, Programmer at Mórbido Horror and Fantastic Cinema Festival; Damián Cano, director, producer and co-founder of Cinema Uno and Joshua Gil, Mexican director. The MECE jury was conformed by filmmakers Jesús Castorena and Pablo Chavarría, as well as Mariale Espinoza, producer.

In the 2016 edition we continued partnerships with colleagues from Colombia: Bogoshorts and Intravenosa, so our winner films traveled to different festivals. The same happened with Talca International FIlm Festival, that is how El problema de las estrellas binarias, Feliz día and El Salmón, Nuevo León feature films, and Domingo and 13,500 volts, Mexican short films, were screened in different Latin American countries.


Best International Animated Feature Film
Psiconautas, los niños olvidados by Alberto Vázquez and Pedro Rivero.

Jury Mention:
The magic mountain by Anca Damian.

Best International Documentary Feature Film 
Exótica, erótica, etc. by Evangelia Kranioti.

Best International Narrative Feature Film 
Amama de Asier Altuna.

Jury Mentions:
Mate-me por favor by Anita Rocha Da Silveira.
Motel mist by Prabda Yoon.

Best Mexican Narrative Feature Film
Almacenados by Jack Zagha

Best Mexican Documentary Feature Film
El hombre que vio demasiado by Trisha Ziff.

Jury Mention:
Somos Lengua by Kyzza Terrazas

Best Nuevo Leon Feature Film
El Salmón by Janett Juárez and Ricardo Martez

Cinema Uno Digital Acquisition Award for $1,000 USD 
Pequeño peatón imprudente by Enrique López Oropeza

Best Mexican Animation Short Film
Aeronautas by León Fernández

Jury Mention:
El jardín de las delicias by Alejandro García Caballero

Best Mexican Documentary Short Film
13,500 Volts by Mónica Blumen

Jury Mention:
La esquina del mundo by Mariano Rentería García

Best Mexican Narrative Short Film
Domingo by Raúl López Echeverría

Best International Animated Short Film
Manoman by Simon Cartwright.

Best International Documentary Short Film
Amongst Us by Guido Hendrikx

Jury Mentions:
Un cuento de amor, locura y muerte by Mijael Bustos.
Cabezas habladoras by Juan Vicente Córdoba.

Best International Narrative Short Film
Butter Brioche by Christopher Kaufmann

Jury Mention
Las cosas simples by Álvaro Anguita

Best Nuevo Leon Short Film 
El problema de las estrellas binarias by Juan H. Villar

Best Short Film from the Student Short Film Showcase  (MECE)
Feliz día by Rafael Cervantes

Jury Mention
Narcolepsia by Melissa González and Santiago Anza

Premio Alebrije Distribución
Alebrije Entertainment Award for the international distribution rights, with a minimum guarantee of $40,000 USD to:
La caridad by Marcelino Islas


International Feature Film 
Amama by Asier Altuna.

Mexican Feature Film 
Maquinaria Panamericana by Joaquín del Paso.